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  • Adding pronouns to your Microsoft 365 profile

    Adding pronouns to your Microsoft 365 profile

    TDLR: I worked on a project at Microsoft to bring pronouns to user profiles in Microsoft Office / Microsoft 365. If you are an admin, you can find out how to enable pronouns in your organisation’s Admin Center. If you are a user, you can find out how to put your pronouns on your profile. […]

  • Links of the week: A bunch of tech stuff and a fun video

    Links of the week: A bunch of tech stuff and a fun video

    More than a week has gone since my previous Links of the Week post, but whateverrrrr. I’ve been busy just trying to live life with a 2 year old kid who is always feeling a bit ill, the drama of some local kids trying to kick our windows in every night, trying to fix everything […]

  • Can you tell if your LinkedIn connections are actually robots?

    Can you tell if your LinkedIn connections are actually robots?

    I don’t actually use LinkedIn that often and when I sign in to my account, I’m always surprised about how often people are active there; posting content to their timeline, liking content, and probably (hopefully!) messaging potential new hiring managers about possible new job openings. Over the past week, I have logged into LinkedIn to […]

  • Little Simz performing live in Oslo

    Little Simz performing live in Oslo

    Back when I lived in the UK, I went to a lot of concerts. Between knowing the assistant to the director of SJM Concerts and taking photographs for NME-rival magazine Artrocker, I would see myself guest listed for several concerts each week. Most of these were in Manchester, but quite often in Leeds, sometimes in […]

  • Top music from November 2022

    Top music from November 2022

    Do I regret starting to write a monthly music round-up? A little. Am I going to carry on regardless? Yes. I think so. Instead of a December 2022 update though there might be an end-of-year wrap up instead. I don’t use Spotify – so no Spotify Wrapped here – but it’ll be a mix of […]

  • Top music from October 2022

    Top music from October 2022

    It feels like we are flying through the months as we start to approach the end of 2022. One thing I am looking forward to is the ‘Year in review’ selections from both DIY Magazine and Piccadilly Records. For years, they’ve been a trustworthy source to discover the year’s best new music. I usually compile […]

  • Elon Musk buys Twitter, people move to Mastodon.

    Elon Musk buys Twitter, people move to Mastodon.

    The title says a lot. The world’s richest man, Elon Musk, bought the social networking website Twitter at the end of October 2022 (BBC News). As a result of that purchase, a lot of users were unhappy and fled. The alternative? Mastodon. It’s not run by one single user, but anyone can install the software […]

  • Top music from September 2022

    Top music from September 2022

    Welcome to the monthly music round-up for September — the month in which the weather in Oslo turns to a crisp fresh coldness and the scalves and hats start to appear. But what’s been blaring from my speakers and down into my earholes? Let’s take a closer look at the monthly report. Games We […]

  • Related Articles

    Related Articles

    The other day I was reading an online article about how funny-man and UK national treasure Bob Mortimer was naming cats for the feline charity Cats Protection. Bob Mortimer is a favourite of mine, and so are cats. Each of the cats names listed in the article were the paragraph headings, accompanied by a picture of […]

  • Top music from August 2022

    Top music from August 2022

    I’ve been a user since about 2004 and each month they generate a listening report for you to see an overview of what you’ve been listening to. As an excuse to have more content for my blog, I’m going to share a few highlights each month from the listening report – so I get […]

  • 105


    This will be a very brief post to share with everyone reading that Firefox 105 has been released and is available to download. Is this big news? No. Probably not. There aren’t that many new features that are going to blow your socks off – but too many people use Google Chrome and this is […]

  • New British Artists Oslo

    New British Artists Oslo

    My good friend Tim, also known as the King of Frames, recently held an exhibition at his workshop in Oslo for his new venture – NBA Oslo. NBA Oslo (or New British Artists) is a collaboration between Timothy Raison, with the assistance of Selena Støback, and various British-based upcoming artists. The goal is to bring […]

  • Top 100 albums of 2021

    Top 100 albums of 2021

    We are mid-way through 2022 and I came into the office, opened Apple Music and started playing a playlist; 🎙️ Piccadilly Records: Top 100 Albums of 2021 And that’s when I realised that I usually post these yearly compilations to my blog – but had forgotten to do this one. So here we are — […]