Links of the week: Warsaw re-brands as man builds pond

We’re approaching two years since I became a father and I can safely say that my life is very different today than what it was pre-baby. That was to be expected, of course – but what does surprise me is how little time and/or energy I actually have to do anything else.

After a two-year hiatus, I’m writing a new blog post under the Links of the week category. I can’t blame the little one for this; the LOTW post prior to this was a good 9 months before the baby arrived. I’d actually switched from posting a weekly round-up to individual posts, but I’m forever playing catch-up these days, so returning to the original format. For now.

(And it’s unlikely to be weekly)

Enjoy some stuff that I’ve seen recently:

Warsaw tidies up it’s image

Poland’s capital went through a little re-brand recently. It took the two logos it had – a traditional crest and promotional logo – and gave Warsaw-based studio Podpunkt the job of making something nicer. And they did.

Before (left) and After (right)

Whilst it’s nothing revolutionary in terms of brand design, the agency have done a good job of keeping the imagery of the traditional crest, but making a clean and modern version of it. It’s nice to see a city paying itself enough care, attention, and self-respect to curate a brand.

See more at

Gender unknown

A site that highlights some of the big fuck-ups in web forms when selecting your gender. They range from the ignorant (Male / Female / LGBTQIA+) to the absurd (Male / Female / Venezuela)

A screenshot of a web form where the field
“Legal Gender: Only for Admin Use”

Of course, what this site really needs is a page of recommended guidelines.

The language of good

I have no idea how I came across this, to be honest, but I discovered that there’s a language called Toki Pona. It was first drafted in 2001 by Sonja Lang, linguist and translator, as a way of simplifying her thoughts during periods of depression.

It now has thousands of speakers and in August 2021 was granted an ISO 639-3 code “tok” after several unsuccessful applications since 2008.

Man builds pond

A very wholesome YouTube video in which wildlife enthusiast and photographer Stefano Ianiro built a wildlife pond and shows how it develops over an eight-month period.

It sure takes a lot of effort to build a big old pond and turn the surrounding area into a mini-nature reserve. And, on top of that capture it all through amazingly high quality audio, video, and photographic footage over eight months and have it edited into a nice and neat 15 minute video.

Recalling the start of this blog post; I’m incredibly jealous of the time and energy put into this whole thing – but inspired. I’d love to do something like this myself, so please, someone remind me about this video in a few years.

That’s all for now. I’ll probably post another of these soon, or finally get around to finishing one of the many other blog posts in my Drafts folder.



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