If you clicked this link to see other profiles of mine from around the web, or to see what apps and web services I recommend, then you are in the wrong place.

This page is for my friends both online and off. They have blogs or websites too. Here are some of those people:

A photo of coxy (left) and Kelly Mason (right) both crouching down infront of some cactus and wearing masks over their mouth

Kelly Mason – freelance photographer based out of Oakland, CA. She will shoot your wedding or concert for cash and do a great job of it.

Thrilly – freelance designer in Oslo, Norway. Hire him to make you a logo, some fancy print work, or other digital stuff.

Ben James Wood - Photo by Luke Leighfield

Ben James Wood – he draws, sews and embroiders, writes music, sings, tell stories, drives and tour manages bands. What a guy.

Calling Marian – a DJ, composer / producer and remixer living in french France

Elephant Riders with Darwin Deez

Elephant Riders – a group of fine folk who tour the world with bands, helping them get to the places they need to be on time. Professional tour management and sound engineering by very nice people.

Jhon Cosgrove - Vegan Runner

Jhon Cosgrove – he’s been in punk-pop bands, a social media manager, on Come Dine with Me (UK), and will bore you with cricket or running but he’s a very lovable person.

Richard Ashton

Richard Ashton – photographer, videographer and video editor based in Oslo, Norway.

Now She Writes — Ruth

Now She Writes – my friend Ruth. A tea drinker, writer, and social media / marketing manager

Dustin Wilson

Dustin Wilson – graphic artist, designer and illustrator based in Louisiana, USA

Timothy Raison

King of Frames – my friend Tim will frame almost anything you give him using recycled timber.