A screenshot of Kagi Small Web showcasing the website NevBlog.

How to find new blogs to follow

There’s a little “web tool” from Kagi (the independent search engine) called Small Web and it’s a great way to discover active bloggers that you might not have otherwise stumbled upon.

The concept is simple and very similar to StumbleUpon in it’s heyday:

  • Visit the Kagi Small Web site: https://kagi.com/smallweb
  • It loads a random blog post with a Kagi-branded toolbar across the top
  • Either read the blog post or click “Next Post”

If you write a blog yourself, you can Add Your Site by adding your RSS feed to the text file on GitHub. It’s not the easiest way to submit a site, but at least the option is there.

Or, in their own words:

Imagine the internet like a huge neighborhood. There’s a lot of folks around, but we rarely bump into each other, right?

Kagi’s all about humanizing the web and we want to help surface the people behind the posts and stories that zip by. This less known corner of the web is also known as the “small web”.

Hit ‘Next Post’ to read something new. We only show posts from the last seven days to keep it fresh. And yep, this whole thing is open-source. Oh, and no JavaScript on our end.

About — Kagi Small Web

So, bookmark the site, add it to your favourites, pin it to your speed dial – whatever the term is nowadays for remembering to visit a website regularly. And don’t forget to leave a comment on any interesting blogs you’ve read!




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