A photo of comedian Bob Mortimer with a kitten on his shoulder

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The other day I was reading an online article about how funny-man and UK national treasure Bob Mortimer was naming cats for the feline charity Cats Protection.

Bob Mortimer is a favourite of mine, and so are cats. Each of the cats names listed in the article were the paragraph headings, accompanied by a picture of said cat; Fond Margaret, DJ Loveham, Carol Niceface, etc.

As I got to the bottom of the article, which I was reading on my phone, I saw the last cat was called ‘Related articles’ – which made me chuckle too. And then I realised it wasn’t a Mortimer-conjured cat name, but actually the functionality of the website, showing similar news stories.

I figured the name Related Articles needed to be attributed to a cat. And since I don’t have a plethora of nameless kittens in my arsenal, I headed over to my collection of CryptoKitties and blessed one with the name.

So, let me introduce you to Related Articles:

An illustration of a cat (a cryptokitty) which has brown fur, cross-eyes, and is sat infront of a rainbow.
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