A photo of a girl sat in a lounge setting with a retro TV and some net curtains over the window behind her. She is resting her head in her hand, which is propped up by her knee. The girl is called Ellie Dixon.

Top music from October 2022



It feels like we are flying through the months as we start to approach the end of 2022. One thing I am looking forward to is the ‘Year in review’ selections from both DIY Magazine and Piccadilly Records.

For years, they’ve been a trustworthy source to discover the year’s best new music. I usually compile the Piccadilly Records Top 100 lists into Apple Music playlists and 2022 will be no exception.

In the meantime, here is my monthly round-up for October:

Ellie Dixon

Back in 2021, I discovered a song called ‘Green Grass‘ on TikTok by Ellie Dixon. I looked her up online and at some point the song ended up in my Apple Music library.

As of 2022, Ellie Dixon is signed to Decca Records (Universal Music Group) and has a growing catalogue of well-produced Singles and EPs.

It’s very catchy British indie twee pop and I’m into it. Ellie Dixon hits a home run as my most-listened to Artist, Album, and Track this month.

Listen to Crikey! It’s My Psyche (EP)

Apple Music · Spotify · Other platforms

Album artwork for the Ellie Dixon release Crikey! Its My Psyche (EP) featuring Ellie dressed as five different characters represented each of the songs on the release.

Barenaked Ladies

When I was younger, my parents took me to see The Beautiful South in concert. Supporting them were Barenaked Ladies.

They put on a very fun show and I saw them several times since then, and they continued to put on fun shows.

Anyway, they are a guilty pleasure of mine because it’s certainly not cool to like the band that had one hit in the 90s and then wrote the theme to Big Bang Theory.

Listen to Stunt (20th Anniversary Edition)

Apple Music · Spotify · Other platforms


One of my favourite bands of all time from the UK’s indie-rock scene. And their debut album never fails to be a good listen.

It’s available to buy on Bandcamp, so you can do that if you want to help maximise the band’s profits.

There’s been quite a few times that I’ve been wearing Tellison merch and got friendly shouts and cheers from fellow fans. Get into it.

Listen to Contact! Contact!

Apple Music · Spotify · Bandcamp · Other platforms

Whilst the above mentioned artists were the big three — notable mention must go to the following new releases:

Dutch Uncles – True Entertainment

This month I was busy wondering whether Dutch Uncles were going to release anything. And they have! There’s a new album on it’s way in 2023 and the first track has been released as an early preview. (Listen)

Murkage Dave – Choose Your Own Adventure

I play a lot of Murkage Dave. This is a new release by said artist, and so it’s been spinning around and around my digital music player throughout October. (Listen)

Okay, that’s all for this month. As you may have noticed, I’m posting an October review at the end of November – which means it’s not too far away to the November update.

Phew! I’m so slow at making internet content, but I hope you enjoy the music recommendations. If you have anything that you want to recommend to me, leave a note in the comments below!



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