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  • I bought a Playdate.

    I bought a Playdate.

    On the Eve of Valentines Day, I was sat scrolling Mastodon and a post from the @playdate account popped up on my Home Timeline to announce they had just shipped over 70,000 pre-orders of the console, followed with the news that they expanded the list of countries they ship to by another 20 – including…

  • Gamestyle (2023)

    Gamestyle (2023)

    Many moons ago, I used to spend a lot of my free time running a videogame website named Gamestyle. The site focused on reviewing, previewing and publishing feature-length articles about video games. Over time, it achieved a reputation for its rigorous reviewing policy and efforts to establish itself as an unbiased and reliable source of…

  • Anbernic RG351V

    Anbernic RG351V

    I bought an Anbernic RG351V. After seeing someone mention retro gaming on Twitter, I suddenly thought about all the many hours of gaming I’ve enjoyed over the years. My brother and I shared a second-hand Commodore Vic-20 and played on a black and white TV. Once you plugged it in, you had to tweak a…

  • Twitch


    Recently when I’ve been playing Dead or Alive 6, Fall Guys, or Fortnite, I’ve also been streaming the gameplay. I have a decent microphone and a decent camera, but since my gaming setup is literally an Xbox controller plugged into a custom-built PC sat below the TV in my lounge, I don’t have a fancy…

  • My career as a football manager

    My career as a football manager

    Back in December, I started a game of Football Manager Touch. You might remember because I blogged about it. Or, you might not remember because you have better things to remember. Anyway, I guess I’m not a big gamer. It’s the start of May (in real life – not in the game) and I’ve only…

  • FM21 Touch

    FM21 Touch

    As you may recall, I am a Football Manager in my spare time. Not a real one, but one limited to digital escapades. And, from big screen to medium screen, I recently purchased Football Manager 2021 Touch Edition for my iPad. The layout of the smaller-screen app is familiar to the big-computer version, but different…

  • Ooblets


    Really enjoying playing through Ooblets right now. Everything about the game is so cute and it’s fun to wander around the in-game land. Ooblets is sort of a mash-up between Animal Crossing and Pokémon in the sense of it happening in a little town, where you own and maintain a house and farmland, but also…

  • Red Dead Redemption II

    Red Dead Redemption II

    Little under two weeks ago, I purchased Rockstar Games‘ cowboy, wild-west themed video game sequel Red Dead Redemption II. So far, I have racked up around 30 hours of gameplay; I’m addicted. I don’t think I’ve ever spend this many consecutive days playing a game since my teenage years. I bought it on PC via…

  • How I managed to turn around Oldham Athletic’s season

    How I managed to turn around Oldham Athletic’s season

    More information than you ever cared for about my first season in charge at Oldham Athletic. Digitally, of course.