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A screenshot of the title screen for FM21 Touch

FM21 Touch

As you may recall, I am a Football Manager in my spare time. Not a real one, but one limited to digital escapades. And, from big screen to medium screen,…

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A screenshot from the video game Ooblets showing the main character stood outside her house/farm.


Really enjoying playing through Ooblets right now. Everything about the game is so cute and it’s fun to wander around the in-game land. Ooblets is sort of a mash-up between…

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A "photo" taken in the video game Red Dead Redemption 2 of a cowboy on a horse, holding a gas lamp. He looks out over a field and a starry night sky.

Red Dead Redemption II

Little under two weeks ago, I purchased Rockstar Games‘ cowboy, wild-west themed video game sequel Red Dead Redemption II. So far, I have racked up around 30 hours of gameplay;…

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