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Links of the week

The dodgy, vulnerable fame of YouTube’s child ASMR stars (Wired) — A dive into the world of children making thousands of advertising dollars through filming themselves chewing, whispering and tapping things for an adult audience.

Brexit III: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO via YouTube) — Part III of John Oliver covering Brexit. It all makes sense. You don’t need to see Part I & II to appreciate this.

Remember the Milk (rememberthemilk.com) — A website and app that is a comprehensive to-do list. Created in 2004 by two people in Australia and still an independent company fifteen years on. They have both free & pro accounts (currently $39.99 per year).

Biggest challenge of relocating Swedish town Kiruna is “moving the minds of citizens” (Deezen) — Sweden’s northernmost town and its 18,000 inhabitants are moving two miles east, to prevent it slowly being swallowed by an underground mine.

What has been in your browser history the past week? Leave any interesting links in the comments.

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