A relatively close-up photo of an elephant in the middle of a dusty road. It's legs look like the elephant is stomping toward the camera as dust swirls around the animal.

Links of the week

This week we find out whether elephants are the best animals, how Google is subject to censorship from Russia and celebrate UK citizens being one step closer to staying in Norway.

Elephants: The Best Animals? (Stuff You Should Know via PocketCasts) — A podcast episode about elephants from the Stuff you Should Know team. Hosts Josh and Chuck try to convince you why they are the best of all animals.

Hemingway App (hemingwayapp.com) — a website (and a downloadable app) that I have been using for years. It helps make your writing bold and clear, highlighting where your writing is too complex. It’s like Grammarly, but less suspicious.

Google removes government-banned sites from Russian search results (CNet) — Since 2017, the Russian government has required search engines operating in the country to de-list certain sites. Companies like Google get stuck wtih two options; comply or cease operating. Not sure whether search alternatives like Ecosia are complying yet.

Brexit: British residents in Norway agreement (Norwegian Parliament) — And relax… The Norwegian government announce an agreement between EEA/EFTA-states and the United Kingdom. This means that UK citizens who are in Norway can continue to live here and maintain the same rights in a post-Brexit world. So long as it goes through Parliament.

And that’s the lot for today; it’s been a quiet week and I haven’t read too much. Share your highlights in the comments!

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