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A relatively close-up photo of an elephant in the middle of a dusty road. It's legs look like the elephant is stomping toward the camera as dust swirls around the animal.

Elephants: The Best Animals? (Stuff You Should Know via PocketCasts) — A podcast episode about elephants from the Stuff you Should Know team. Hosts Josh and Chuck try to convince you why they are the best of all animals.

Hemingway App ( — a website (and a downloadable app) that I have been using for years. It helps make your writing bold and clear, highlighting where your writing is too complex. It’s like Grammarly, but less suspicious.

Google removes government-banned sites from Russian search results (CNet) — Since 2017, the Russian government has required search engines operating in the country to de-list certain sites. Companies like Google get stuck wtih two options; comply or cease operating. Not sure whether search alternatives like Ecosia are complying yet.

Brexit: British residents in Norway agreement (Norwegian Parliament) — And relax… The Norwegian government announce an agreement between EEA/EFTA-states and the United Kingdom. This means that UK citizens who are in Norway can continue to live here and maintain the same rights in a post-Brexit world. So long as it goes through Parliament.

And that’s the lot for today; it’s been a quiet week and I haven’t read too much. Share your highlights in the comments!

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