Blood and Gold

The Red Wedding, All Men Are Fools, and Guarding The Realm expansion packs for the Game of Thrones Card Game Second Edition

Excuse me whilst I geek out over the 3 expansion packs for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game (Second Edition) that arrived today. And with the addition of these three Chapter Packs, I now own the complete “Blood and Gold” series.

At first, I bought Oberyn’s Revenge, The Brotherhood Without Banners, The Fall of Astapor, Kingsmoot, and The Faith Militant. I was unaware that chapter packs group together as releases. Most of these fell within the Blood and Gold series.

The packs that arrived today were All Men Are Fools, Guarding the Realm, and The Red Wedding. This allows me to complete my collection of the Blood and Gold series.

I scanned through the cards and sorted them into the relevant houses. Tomorrow, I aim to give the cards a shot in a game.

A photo of the card All Men Are Fools from the expansion pack of the same name as part of the Game of Thrones Card Game series. The card shows three ladies sat around a table.
A photo of a hand holding a set of Game of Thrones cards from the second edition game
A photo of a sealed packet of cards from the A Game Of Thrones: A Card Game expansion pack

It’s exciting to get new cards and see the possible new ways of playing each unlock. The Blood and Gold series introduce new ways of using their gold. Cards tagged Bestow allow you to store gold on them and use that as part of the game.

Another exciting aspect is being able to play through moments from the novel / TV series. The Red Wedding chapter pack brings in elements from one of the iconic scenes of the entire series.

Next on my radar is to complete the Flight of Crows release cycle.


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