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  • Mastodon for iPhone & iPad

    Mastodon for iPhone & iPad

    Did you know that I run my own social network? You might have heard me talk about oslo.town before today, either online or in-person. Behind the scenes, oslo.town is powered by Mastodon – a bit of free software. Every website that runs Mastodon should work pretty well on your mobile phone, but you can also…

  • The Pronoun Icon

    The Pronoun Icon

    Having worked on a project for some time around gender pronouns, it became evident that there was no universal symbol or icon to represent the concept of a pronoun. The only icon that came up in online search results was the abbreviation “Pron” with a block of background colour. This is an abbreviation of an…

  • Whole Damn Body

    Whole Damn Body



    Today (one of) my favourite bands Los Campesinos! released music exclusively on Bandcamp. Whole Damn Body is a collection of remastered 7″ records and standalone tracks created at the time of the album Hello Sadness. This is the first time these 7 tracks, some of them cult fan favourites, have been available for a decade – and the…

  • Britain’s Most Historic Towns: Manchester

    Britain’s Most Historic Towns: Manchester

    I recently discovered the TV show Britain’s Most Historic Towns (The TVDB) and the latest episode in the series focused on my home city; Manchester. It’s a really fun, educational series to watch and I recommend that you spend at least 45 mins with this latest episode. As part of the episode, they even take…

  • So Cow

    So Cow



    Recently, I’ve been into a few punk bands; Cassels, Fontaines D.C., Idles, Jeff Rosenstock, PAWS and have been playing a lot of So Cow. As far as I’m aware, So Cow is pretty much a project from front-man Brian Kelly, joined with friends and foe alike on guitars, drums, and other instruments. And it sounds…