A photo from a slightly raised angle of Brian Kelly, singer and front-person of the band So Cow. He holds a hurl - the wooden stick they use in the Irish sport called hurling.

So Cow



Recently, I’ve been into a few punk bands; Cassels, Fontaines D.C., Idles, Jeff Rosenstock, PAWS and have been playing a lot of So Cow.

As far as I’m aware, So Cow is pretty much a project from front-man Brian Kelly, joined with friends and foe alike on guitars, drums, and other instruments. And it sounds great.

I discovered So Cow on Bandcamp a few years back and bought the album The Long Con on vinyl – which I immediately caught my eye because of the crudely drawn horse on the front of the artwork that did a sick. Or looks happy at discovering some sick. Funny stuff.

The album artwork for the album The Long Con by the band So Cow. Pictured on the front is a black pen drawing of a horse that has vomited on the ground.

I’m not sure whether I’m allowed to classify them as punk? I guess they are pretty punky. Or post-punky. I don’t understand music genres anymore.

You should give them a listen. The album The Long Con is my favourite so far and you can stream and buy it on Bandcamp. There are a few physical vinyl copies left. It’s on Apple Music and Spotify too, no doubt.

Let me know if you like it!



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