For some reason, having spent the vast majority of my time indoors and in front of a computer screen, I’d anticipated that I would update my blog more regularly than once a month. Alas, it was not to be.

Here I am, over one month since my last post, with some random musings:

I am now 34.

Not so long ago, it was my birthday. The event passed without much of a fanfare, but then 34 is such an irrelevant age to be. The highlight was a surprise breakfast-in-bed from the good lady wife.

The following day, I went for an eye test. Turns out I’ve aged so much that my vision is a bit wonky and now a set of glasses are in order.

I’m really looking forward to wearing glasses, to be honest. My face could do with a refresh and a nice pair of specs will look great.

I got an iPhone.

For many years I refused to get an iPhone. The customization options that Android offered were way too enticing and being unable to change the default web browser on iPhone was a big thing for me.

Well, I finally caved in and bought one when the screen shattered on my Samsung Galaxy S8. Now I own an iPhone and I quite like it.

Also, I understand why iPhone users have cracked screens so often. I can be place the iPhone on what I’d previously consider a safe, flat surface – then 10 minutes later you hear your phone hit the floor.

I’m usually very careful with phones. My Samsung lasted four years before it smashed – and that was only because the cat knocked it off the table. But I’ve had the iPhone less than 90 days and I already have either a hairline scratch or crack on the screen. What a nightmare.

Coping with COVID-19

As mentioned in my previous post, I think I had coronavirus. Probably. My wife and I both got symptoms associated with the illness and, although we haven’t been tested, both believe we had COVID-19.

But, we are fine and well. We stayed home for two weeks and avoided all contact with the outside world. Fortunately I had just done “a big shop” prior to getting symptoms, so we had supplies to see us though.

It took me about 3 weeks before symptoms disappeared and maybe an additional week before my sense of smell and taste was fully restored. My wife recovered quicker than I did.

Staying home when you are ill is easy. You are ill. It’s tougher to stay home now I’m fully recovered and there is glorious weather outside.

Having to work from home can be nice some days, and absolutely horrible others. I go through phases of being very happy and content between the walls of my apartment and then some days really feel like I’m going crazy spending so much time indoors, in front of a screen.

My mood is greatly affected by the state of the apartment. If it’s clean, I’m less likely to feel stressed or depressed. The obvious answer here would be to spend some time cleaning. However, work demands so much time and attention now we are all working “remotely”, that it’s a struggle to balance that work-life balance.

I’m sure I’ll cope. First world problems, I guess.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading my ramblings. I hope you are keeping well (physically and mentally) during this COVID-19 era.

Stay safe. Be good.


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