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  • Mastodon for iPhone & iPad

    Mastodon for iPhone & iPad

    Did you know that I run my own social network? You might have heard me talk about oslo.town before today, either online or in-person. Behind the scenes, oslo.town is powered by Mastodon – a bit of free software. Every website that runs Mastodon should work pretty well on your mobile phone, but you can also…

  • The best web browser for iPhone

    The best web browser for iPhone

    Apple have updated (or will soon update) your iPhone to iOS 14 – a shiny new version of everything Apple for your handheld computer. One of the new features of iOS 14 is that you can change your default web browser away from Safari. But why would you want to? To be honest, Safari on…

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    For some reason, having spent the vast majority of my time indoors and in front of a computer screen, I’d anticipated that I would update my blog more regularly than once a month. Alas, it was not to be. Here I am, over one month since my last post, with some random musings: I am…