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Back in 2011, I had a concept for a videogame website. In a nutshell, it could be described as “IMDB for games” – but had a bunch of extra features to make it “better” and also a lot better than the only existing competitor at the time, MobyGames.

It was the following year that I shared the idea with Opera Software colleague and friend, Jon Dubielzyk, who suggested we should make it. And so through 2012/13 we worked on the site. A lot.

Although we made the website twice – in some form or other – we never actually got around to publishing the website to the public. We were attempting too much, we possibly lacked the technical knowledge to build the site properly at the time, and I guess the world just had other plans for us.

Jon went to work for Google in London, then moved to Australia. Half the fun of working on the site was working with Jon. He’s very talented and a very nice guy. My heart wasn’t into working remotely and I’d given up on the idea of Game ID ever happening.

2022 – Game ID is out now!

This week, If you go to the App Store on iOS, you can download the Game ID app. This is a brand new take on the original concept made by Jon and his friend Darren O’Neill.

It has some core features of the original Game ID website, but is streamlined and done well. You can create lists, rate games, and read the latest video game news.

I’m thrilled for Jon that he’s revisited Game ID and got something out of the door and into the app store. It looks great – Darren and Jon have done a lovely job on the app.

So, download the app today, follow @gameidapp on twitter, and start rating your favourite games!


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