Coxy’s Big Break

A promotional photo of coxy from the TV show Coxy's Big Break

Presented by Geoff “Coxy” Cox, Coxy’s Big Break was an Australian travel show which premiered in 2004. It aired on Seven Melbourne and Prime.

The show visited locations across Australia and around the world. The local edition of the program kept Victoria as its primary focus. Other destinations included New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Bali, Vanuatu, The Cook Islands, New Caledonia, China, Hawaii, Austria, Ireland, Thailand and Antarctica.

In March 2015, Cox announced on the show’s website that the program would end after 11 years.

A photo of Geoff Coxy Cox from the TV show Coxy's Big Break.
This website is not the website of Geoff "Coxy" Cox, but of Matt Vestengen-Cox - designer at Microsoft.