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  • “You can’t add privacy”

    “You can’t add privacy”

    Long-time readers of my blog might remember that I’ve posted before about cryptocurrency and, more specifically, the privacy-focused coin Zcash. Zooko, one of the founding members of Zcash, gave an interview recently at Orchard VPN’s Priv8 – a virtual conference on digital privacy. The complete 20 min talk titled ‘Is financial privacy possible on the…

  • Zcash – it’s like Bitcoin, but private

    Zcash – it’s like Bitcoin, but private

    When I was younger I remember an old friend of my dad’s came to the house. It was back when you accessed the internet via a dial-up connection and spending time on the internet meant that you couldn’t make phone calls. The man in question was holding a pink pig. Not a real one. A…

  • Links of the week

    Links of the week

    People like pictures, right? I’m going to try and make future links posts a bit more colourful than previous ones by throwing some pictures in there – maybe some alternative styling along the way. The meat of the post will still be links, but the pretty pictures will make it more digestible. Speaking of digestible…