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    The wife and I love to watch TV. Out of all the available streaming services we own, I really enjoy the original content on Apple TV+. There’s so many good shows, from Ted Lasso to Slow Horses, The Morning Show to the many nature documentaries, or even my daughter’s favourite, Helpsters. Now, we can add…

  • Britain’s Most Historic Towns: Manchester

    Britain’s Most Historic Towns: Manchester

    I recently discovered the TV show Britain’s Most Historic Towns (The TVDB) and the latest episode in the series focused on my home city; Manchester. It’s a really fun, educational series to watch and I recommend that you spend at least 45 mins with this latest episode. As part of the episode, they even take…

  • Links of the week

    Links of the week

    This week, where highlights include playing Android: Netrunner with my friend Tor for four hours straight and carefully positioning a drinking glass between my cat’s bottom and the litter tray in order to catch some pee, I read some news online. I don’t even know if I need to explain any more. Everyone has hobbies,…

  • Links of the Week

    Links of the Week

    Finding shoes on a beach, brutalist mosques in Australia, new typefaces from Apple and more.