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  • Little Simz performing live in Oslo

    Little Simz performing live in Oslo

    Back when I lived in the UK, I went to a lot of concerts. Between knowing the assistant to the director of SJM Concerts and taking photographs for NME-rival magazine Artrocker, I would see myself guest listed for several concerts each week. Most of these were in Manchester, but quite often in Leeds, sometimes in […]

  • New British Artists Oslo

    New British Artists Oslo

    My good friend Tim, also known as the King of Frames, recently held an exhibition at his workshop in Oslo for his new venture – NBA Oslo. NBA Oslo (or New British Artists) is a collaboration between Timothy Raison, with the assistance of Selena Støback, and various British-based upcoming artists. The goal is to bring […]

  • Stickers


    A few weeks back I ordered some oslo.town stickers from moo.com and as soon as they came, started applying those tacky little dots to various parts of Oslo. It didn’t take long before all 200 were stuck up and my pockets were empty. Hopefully, come the new year, I’ll order a lot more and continue […]

  • We bought an apartment 🏡

    We bought an apartment 🏡

    Today, my wife and I officially took the jump on to the housing market and agreed a deal with the existing owners of a nice little space in Rodeløkka, in central Oslo. I’m so excited about the purchase and proud to have saved up the money for the apartment myself. Now it’s a case of […]

  • New additions 🚲

    New additions 🚲

    After living in Oslo for many years and relying on the city bike scheme to get me from A to Å (or not, as there would often be a shortage of available bikes), I took the plunge and bought myself a bike. But that’s old news. The new news is all the new parts I’ve […]

  • Summer 🌻

    Summer 🌻

    I’ve really enjoyed the past few months; being able to spend some quality time with my daughter, enjoying the sunshine with friends, getting back to the office for work, and cycling through the city to see the sights and sounds of Oslo. My iPhone tells me I have had about 5 hours each night in […]

  • Merchandise


    I recently added my little social network logo to Red Bubble – which means you can now buy a whole plethora of oslo.town merchandise. oslo.town has recently topped 100 members and was never meant to be a big thing, so I’m quite happy with this. And, I’m not expecting to see people (other than myself) […]

  • Weekend


    Spring has sprung and the coldest days are behind us. At least, I hope so. It was chilly but sunny over the weekend and I relished the chance to get out the house after spending way too much time indoors, due to the combination of being in the middle of a pandemic and having a […]

  • I caught a Herring Gull

    I caught a Herring Gull

    Monday was my first day back in work after a three-week vacation. Luckily for me, it was quite an easy day and my time in work was largely uneventful. The same couldn’t be said about the trip home. Since it was a nice, sunny day, I decided to walk home. It’s maybe a 45 minutes […]

  • oslo.town


    Previously, on this blog, I have mentioned Mastodon – the free and open source social network that is akin to Twitter. The more keen-eyed reader might have also noticed that my username on Mastodon was @lychee@mstdn.io If you have never heard of Mastodon before and wonder how it’s different from Twitter or Facebook, then you […]

  • An update on Otto the seagull

    An update on Otto the seagull

    It doesn’t seem that long ago since I took in a baby seagull and started to feed it every day. Three times a day. And mop the basement floor twice daily. Taking in the baby bird, which my wife named Otto, required a good amount of dedication to ensure the basement didn’t smell like a […]

  • Birding at Østensjøvannet

    Birding at Østensjøvannet

    When I’m not staring at a computer screen, I like to stare at other things. Whether it’s gazing out of the window into the garden, or across a pond – I love to watch birds. Despite having lived in Oslo for quite a few years, it was only this past Autumn that I made my […]