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  • Top 100 albums of 2019

    Top 100 albums of 2019

    Independent record store Piccadilly Records published their end-of-year review, in which the staff plucked out a comprehensive top 100 albums of 2019. I’ve flicked through all 100 albums and selected one track from each release to make the Apple Music playlist: 🎙️ Piccadilly Records: Top 100 Albums of 2019 If you like what you hear…

  • So Cow

    So Cow

    Recently, I’ve been into a few punk bands; Cassels, Fontaines D.C., Idles, Jeff Rosenstock, PAWS and have been playing a lot of So Cow. As far as I’m aware, So Cow is pretty much a project from front-man Brian Kelly, joined with friends and foe alike on guitars, drums, and other instruments. And it sounds…

  • Florist


    In which I go to a concert to see an artist called Florist. Words and pictures inside.

  • Instagram recommends

    Instagram recommends

    My followers on Instagram recommended a whole bunch of music which I compiled into an Apple Music playlist.