Sometimes I use websites or services that offer me a referral code to send to friends + family + strangers. And I never really do that.

Instead, I will list all the referral codes here so if anyone wants to use them they can do – and we both benefit.

Note: Just because there’s a referral code here, it doesn’t mean I actively use or recommend using the product or service.

Curve · £5 of cash for me

Curve is a finance app for people that might have multiple credit or debit cards to manage. You get one Curve card and just use that, then can decide which payments go on which of your cards. If you register using this link then I get £5 of Curve Cash.

Firi · Get 50 kroner of cryptocurrency

Maybe you want to buy+sell cryptocurrency and live in Norway? If you use the referral code efa2328b or register using the link then I get 100kr and you get 50kr as a welcome bonus.

Squeeze · Get a free massage

Treat yourself to a message. Subscribe to Squeeze and you get a free massage each month as part of your subscription. Use the referral link and we both get one extra free massage.

Uphold · Get $20 worth of Bitcoin each

Another if you’re into buying and selling cryptocurrencies. You sign up, we both get $20 of Bitcoin when you’ve traded $250 worth.

Voi Scooters · Get 50 kr of free scooter time

Sometimes you just need a quick way to get from A to B and when the roads are busy or public transport is dead, a scooter is a nice option. Sign up using the link to get 50 kr of scooter credits and I get 150 kr of scooter credits.