Month: April 2021



    One of the bands I used to love was Liverpool’s Hot Club de Paris. I pretty much own all their releases and have seen them play more times than I have fingers. And I have all ten fingers (even though two of them are commonly known as thumbs). Paul Rafferty of Hot Club has teamed […]

  • Know when you are being scammed and how to report it

    Know when you are being scammed and how to report it

    Quite often when people say they have been “hacked” it turns out they haven’t been hacked. They’ve often fallen victim to something called “phishing”. That’s the term used when someone creates a fake website that looks like a real website to trick you. You might often get emails that look like they are from your […]

  • “You can’t add privacy”

    “You can’t add privacy”

    Long-time readers of my blog might remember that I’ve posted before about cryptocurrency and, more specifically, the privacy-focused coin Zcash. Zooko, one of the founding members of Zcash, gave an interview recently at Orchard VPN’s Priv8 – a virtual conference on digital privacy. The complete 20 min talk titled ‘Is financial privacy possible on the […]

  • A typeface based on tarot

    A typeface based on tarot

    I discovered this font inspired by the Tarot de Marseille recently. It’s called Basteleur and looks pretty cool. It was an instant download for me and I’ll keep it in my back pocket for a future design project. Velvetyne Type Foundry (VTF) have been designing and distributing free and open source typefaces since 2010 and […]