Month: December 2020

  • Britain’s Most Historic Towns: Manchester

    Britain’s Most Historic Towns: Manchester

    I recently discovered the TV show Britain’s Most Historic Towns (The TVDB) and the latest episode in the series focused on my home city; Manchester. It’s a really fun, educational series to watch and I recommend that you spend at least 45 mins with this latest episode. As part of the episode, they even take […]

  • FM21 Touch

    FM21 Touch

    As you may recall, I am a Football Manager in my spare time. Not a real one, but one limited to digital escapades. And, from big screen to medium screen, I recently purchased Football Manager 2021 Touch Edition for my iPad. The layout of the smaller-screen app is familiar to the big-computer version, but different […]

  • Ooblets


    Really enjoying playing through Ooblets right now. Everything about the game is so cute and it’s fun to wander around the in-game land. Ooblets is sort of a mash-up between Animal Crossing and Pokémon in the sense of it happening in a little town, where you own and maintain a house and farmland, but also […]