Month: July 2020

  • Dice & Crab

    Dice & Crab

    An internet friend of mine has started to produce and sell custom dice sets made with epoxy resin, alcohol inks, and other glittery bits. Whilst I don’t play anything like Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), I do have a few other tabletop board games that can make use of custom dice, so have purchased a custom […]

  • 1 Year Anniversary

    1 Year Anniversary

    Today, 14th July 2020, is the one year anniversary of the Vestengen-Cox wedding. Looking back through the photos from the day brings back memories of how perfect the day was and how beautiful my wife looked. A traditional gift for the first year is something cotton or paper. I’m looking forward to the day we […]

  • Oh, baby.

    Oh, baby.

    In what is going to be quite a random update where I share some random thoughts, I will also share some news; my wife is pregnant with our first child. It’s so exciting. I am so happy! My head is busy with so many thoughts of parenthood and how old I am becoming, but this […]