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  • We bought an apartment 🏡

    We bought an apartment 🏡

    Today, my wife and I officially took the jump on to the housing market and agreed a deal with the existing owners of a nice little space in Rodeløkka, in central Oslo. I’m so excited about the purchase and proud to have saved up the money for the apartment myself. Now it’s a case of…

  • New additions 🚲

    New additions 🚲

    After living in Oslo for many years and relying on the city bike scheme to get me from A to Å (or not, as there would often be a shortage of available bikes), I took the plunge and bought myself a bike. But that’s old news. The new news is all the new parts I’ve…

  • Weekend


    Spring has sprung and the coldest days are behind us. At least, I hope so. It was chilly but sunny over the weekend and I relished the chance to get out the house after spending way too much time indoors, due to the combination of being in the middle of a pandemic and having a…

  • 21.1.21 21:11

    21.1.21 21:11

    Just a few days ago, my wife and I went to hospital and she pushed out our first child; Molly Dorthea Vestengen-Cox. She’s beautiful. She’s perfect. Everything went amazingly well. I’m so proud of my wife, and so happy to be a dad. For those that love a bit of numerology, all the twos and…

  • 1 Year Anniversary

    1 Year Anniversary

    Today, 14th July 2020, is the one year anniversary of the Vestengen-Cox wedding. Looking back through the photos from the day brings back memories of how perfect the day was and how beautiful my wife looked. A traditional gift for the first year is something cotton or paper. I’m looking forward to the day we…

  • Oh, baby.

    Oh, baby.

    In what is going to be quite a random update where I share some random thoughts, I will also share some news; my wife is pregnant with our first child. It’s so exciting. I am so happy! My head is busy with so many thoughts of parenthood and how old I am becoming, but this…

  • We got married!

    We got married!

    Exciting news! Ine and I got married. Here’s a peek at some of the photos from the big day.

  • New trousers? Check.

    New trousers? Check.

    I bought these chino trousers from Zara and am loving the way they look with my Dr Marten’s Persephone Boots. Will be wearing this outfit more once the cold winter weather has subsided and spring is in the air.