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  • Books of 2021 📚

    Books of 2021 📚

    If you’ve followed my blog through 2021, you might have noticed that I tried to read more books. Back in March I was impressed with my ability to up my book completion to three books. By November, I’d read ten books and had a target of twelve. Well, the final two made their way onto […]

  • 10 out of 12 📚

    10 out of 12 📚

    Back in March I eagerly wrote on this blog that I had read 3 books. The caveat here is that I was cheating my way to the end of each book by consuming it in audio format. Nevertheless, 3 books is more than I had finished in previous years combined. I was quite proud of […]

  • I’ve ‘read’ 3 books in 2021.

    I’ve ‘read’ 3 books in 2021.

    Despite my last post about readng – a social network for book lovers, I must hold my hands up and admit that I am actually terrible at reading books. Put a screen in front of me and I can read news and social media on the internet for hours. Wave an interesting-looking book in my […]

  • Forget GoodReads, what are you readng?

    Forget GoodReads, what are you readng?

    Before you comment telling me I fucked up in the title of this post; I didn’t. That’s because this post is about the website readng. It’s an alternative to Amazon-owned GoodReads for those that aren’t good at spellng. Aziz Firat, an ex-colleague of mine from my days at Opera Software and current Lead Designer at […]

  • Road Worrier – a book about touring

    Road Worrier – a book about touring

    Some of my friends do some very impressive and creative stuff. They never cease to amaze me and Ben James Wood is no exception that. Ben, who I first met as part of the band Encyclopedia – then later as an addition to one of my all time favourite bands Tellison – is in the […]