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Links of the week

It’s been a busy week-and-a-bit. I was mostly in the United States of Donald Trump’s America. Now that I am back, here is a quick round-up of some of the things I have noticed online:

Norwegian Air to Accept Bitcoin Through Exchange Set up By Founder (CoinDesk) — the Norwegian airline of the same name is due to start taking cryptocurrency payments for tickets in future. FWIW, I also accept cryptocurrency.

Flamethrower drone can shoot a seven-metre long stream of fire (Deezen) — the robots will take us all. You can get a glimpse into that future with this video of a drone that projects a stream of fire. Only a matter of time before drones are used to carry out murder… outside of the military.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink implant will “merge” humans with AI (Deezen) — computers, meet brain. Brain, meet computers. Elon Musk gets a lot of credit for things that some other clever people have done whilst working for him. Before the end of 2020, they will drill into a human’s skull in some sci-fi symbiotic fantasy. Your mind could quite literally be blown!

Pretty bird murals by artist Jade Rivera (Booooooom) — as a little intermission from tech, here are some really nice murals of birdies and people by a talented artist.

Is the Internet bad for the environment? (Our Changing Climate on YouTube) — Our Changing Climate take a dive into what the environmental impact of the internet is, digging into how the internet works and how that contributes to global greenhouse gas emissions.

Check out all the Links of the Week posts or just do something else. It’s up to you.

Also; I started playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. You know, the Pokémon Go clone set in the Harry Potter universe? If you are playing, give me a shout-out in the comments or on your messaging app of choice.


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