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As I briefly mentioned in my previous Links of the week post, I was in the United States recently. More specifically, the Greater Seattle area.

Quite often, when I go to the USA for work I forget to check the latest concert listings. But this time I did. And I am glad I did! Florist was playing at Fremont Abbey.

As soon as I spotted the show was listed, I bought tickets. I loved listening to Florist ever since I discovered the music on Bandcamp back in 2014. Emily, the lead singer in this ensemble, has the cutest vibe as she rattles through sadcore tales of woe and happy moments in the darkness.

Florist (band) playing Fremont Abbey in Seattle on 30 July 2019

Her on-stage banter of “Is anyone here watching Star Trek: Discovery?” was met with pure silence as not one person in the audience would admit to such an interest. It was almost poetic.

The tour marks the release of the album Emily Alone, which I bought from Emily herself at the show. It also seems a show in Norway is unlikely, so I am glad I made went whilst I was on the other side of the big blue.

The music of Florist is available physically and digitally on Bandcamp, but also to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

The only photo that I took from the show was the one above and of the outfit that I wore (below) – because, yes, I am apparently that vain…


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