A large gull bites the head of a smaller gull as a mallard looks on in a race for food

Links of the week

When you are done looking at the pictures of me and the love of my life getting married, here are some other digital treats to tickle your eyeballs:

Are the UK’s seagulls getting more aggressive? (The Guardian) — A whole array of stories about seagull behavior. Also worth noting that the gulls are now protected and a red listed species (due to a decline in population) by the RSPB. Maybe the birds are just doing what they need to in order to survive.

Tabby Cat (Leslie Zacharkow via Mozilla) — A cute extension for Mozilla Firefox which shows you a cute little illustrated kitty every time you open a new tab.

Animals failing to adapt to speed of climate crisis, study finds (The Guardian) — More climate-change-animal-related news because we all need to be aware of what we are doing to the nature around us. Be kind to nature.

Developer Chris Wetherell built Twitter’s retweet button. And he regrets what he did to this day (Buzzfeed News) — An interesting look at Twitter’s retweet feature and what it really means, or the meaning it lacks, in clicking that button.

Turn selfies into classical portraits with the AI that fuels deepfakes (MIT Technology Review) — It’s like the controversial FaceApp app, but instead of making you look old, it turns you into a classical work of art. Try it yourself.

If you spot anything interesting, throw it my way. Leave a comment below or drop me an email. Whatever.


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