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Links of the week

Google will give Android users a choice of browser and search engine in Europe (The Verge) — Just like Microsoft were forced to with Windows, Google will now start asking users which browser they wish to use. In part, this is a response to the €4.3 billion anti-trust fine that the EU hit Google with last year. Recently, the EU fined Google another €1.5 billion over more anti-trust misdemeanor.

How I’m locking down my cyber-life (larrysanger.org) — Larry Sanger, Wikipedia Co-Founder, shares his plan to take control of his digital presence. It includes many broad tips and a lot less Google.

If you want an alternative to Google search, look to Ecosia:

Is Ecosia legit? (Our Changing Climate on YouTube) — Since I’ve mentioned the tree-planting search engine Ecosia before, I was interested in this video researching how your searches plant trees.

When it comes to ethical alternatives:

Fairphone (fairphone.com) — Fairphone is a modular mobile phone. When a bit of your phone breaks or needed upgrading, you can easily replace just that piece. The phones might not be as powerful as the latest Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhones, but they’ll do most of what you need and are far more ethically and environmentally responsible.

And a bunch of web development links that I stole from Christian Heilmann’s blog:


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