A portrait of coxy (Matt Cox) playing wit two dogs on some grassland in front of a stables.

Life at the stables

A selection of photos, taken on a 35mm film camera, from around the stables. Prepare for horses.

Ine owns horses. This means that every once in a while, I follow her to the stables. We take the horses and dogs on walks through the woods behind the stables and it’s nice to be out with the animals.

Here’s a selection of photos I snapped a during 2018 when I took my film camera with me to the stables.

A horse standing in a field, close to the photographer, but behind a fence.
A dog stands in front of a wooden house. It's a big dog. Looks more like a wolf.
Three horses stand in a field. The one nearest to the camera looks to be trotting toward the photographer.
A portrait of Ine, a Norwegian girl, holding the nose of a horse. They are stood in a field together.