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Top music from August 2022



I’ve been a Last.fm user since about 2004 and each month they generate a listening report for you to see an overview of what you’ve been listening to.

As an excuse to have more content for my blog, I’m going to share a few highlights each month from the listening report – so I get a bit more reflection of what I’ve been listening to, and you get some listening recommendations.

Panic! At The Disco

Emo-pop outfit Panic! At The Disco topped the artist charts. With the release of their new album Viva Las Vengeance – which was also my most-listened to album of the month too.

Definitely not a favourite Panic! album for me. A grower? Well, time will tell. But when an artist I like puts out a new release, I like to keep an open mind and give it a listen.

Listen to Viva Las Vengeance

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Album artwork for Panic! At The Disco - Viva Las Vengeance

The Mountain Goats

Indie-folk The Mountain Goats released a new album titled Bleed Out and I gave it a listen-or-two, placing it second in the album chart for August.

The Mountain Goats style doesn’t really change too much from one album to the next, but John Darnielle writes some lovely songs and has a trademark voice, meaning almost any album by The Mountain Goats scratches an itch.

Listen to Bleed Out

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The album artwork for Bleed Out by The Mountain Goats. It pictures a murder scene, illustrated, with several bleeding bodies covered with sheets.

Dry Cleaning

My most-listened to track for the month was Scratchcard Lanyard and comes from London-based post-punk band Dry Cleaning.

It’s one of the bands that I discovered through a playlist I compiled inspired by Manchester’s leading independent record store; Top Albums of 2021.

A good song on a good album. Songs from this album keep creeping into my top tracks and curated playlists, so they’re clearly one of the bands I keep coming back to.

Listen to New Long Leg

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The album artwork for New Long Leg by Dry Cleaning.

And that’s the big-three from the month.

As an aside and important footnote to this post, my ex-colleague Bruce Lawson released an album which topped my New Artists chart. This is available on Bandcamp for just £2 and other streaming services to stream for free.

For more music-related posts, curated playlists and recommendations, check out the Music category on my blog.


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