The Pond Skater

The Pond Skater

It’s been many years since I picked up my professional DSLR camera and tried to take some photos with it. But last week I got a few hours to myself, grabbed the camera and went to the local park.

I took a few photos that I was quite happy with, but I think my favorite has to be this photo of a pond skater, which I snapped leaping out of the water as it left a nice ripple effect behind it, on the surface of the pond.

A photo of a pond skater insect hopping off the surface of the water, leaving ripples on the water.

If you zoom in on the original photo (not necessarily the compressed Internet-ready version), you can see all the detail in the ripples of water and also the tiny little back legs stretched out to project it into the air.

I’m pretty much convinced that no matter how hard humans try we can’t make anything as beautiful as the things we see in nature.

There’s an extra large 4k version on Flickr for your viewing pleasure.

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