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Back in March I eagerly wrote on this blog that I had read 3 books. The caveat here is that I was cheating my way to the end of each book by consuming it in audio format.

Nevertheless, 3 books is more than I had finished in previous years combined. I was quite proud of myself and boldly set a challenge of bringing that total to 6 books come the year’s end.

Going from 1 book per annum to 6 books felt like quite the jump. But, here we are at the start of November 2021 and I’ve tallied up 1 book per month, closing my 10th book recently, and adjusted my Apple Books reading goal to 12 books.

Books Read This Year

At this point, I’m fairly confident that I’ll successfully round the year off by hitting the 12 book goal. I have already started book number 11.

It’s been enjoyable to listen to so many books. Maybe one day I’ll find the time to sit and read physical copies, most likely when I’m retired with afternoons to while away.

In the meantime, the same target will be set for next year. Another 12 books – no matter whether they are audio, e-book, or printed format. Currently my “Want to read” collection stands at 45 books, so I have plenty to choose from.

Books Read This Year (2021)

  1. Joe Moran – If You Should Fail
  2. John Gray – Feline Philosophy
  3. Bill Gates – How to Avoid a Climate Disaster
  4. Alok Vaid-Menon – Beyond the Gender Binary
  5. Afua Hirsch – Brit(ish)
  6. Caroline Criado Perez – Invisible Women
  7. Grayson Perry – The Descent of Man
  8. Kate Murphy – You’re Not Listening
  9. Dolly Alderton – Ghosts
  10. Bob Mortimer – And Away…
  11. November
  12. December


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