My career as a football manager

Back in December, I started a game of Football Manager Touch. You might remember because I blogged about it. Or, you might not remember because you have better things to remember.

Anyway, I guess I’m not a big gamer. It’s the start of May (in real life – not in the game) and I’ve only completed my first season in charge as Ipswich Town FC. That’s a handful of cup games and a total of 46 league games – and one league trophy!

That’s right, I won the league! 🏆

This was, in large part, down to my newest signing performing so well. James Wilson, ex-Manchester United player, who I swiped from a League Two team.

With 37 appearances, he scored 21 goals. Additionally, Wilson was the highest rated player in the squad, and declared Top Goalscorer for the whole league.

Odd that even after such a performance, when I let the assistant manager “Auto pick” the team – Wilson is never added. Not even as a substitute.

The FA Cup wasn’t quite in sight, getting knocked out by Everton in the fifth round. Alas, I climbed higher in the league ranks.

Now Ipswich Town FC are now in the Championship. The board have set the goal to “Avoid relegation” but I have my hopes set higher than that. Three matches in and I’ve won two of them.

Maybe I’ll blog about this in another 5 months to tell you I’ve finished the league in 1st place once more and I’m fighting against relegation in the Premier League.



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