One of the bands I used to love was Liverpool’s Hot Club de Paris. I pretty much own all their releases and have seen them play more times than I have fingers. And I have all ten fingers (even though two of them are commonly known as thumbs).

Paul Rafferty of Hot Club has teamed up with Charles Watson – one half of the band Slow Club (who I also really liked and have seen live multiple times) – to make an ambient / instrumental EP under the moniker DREAM DEATH.

Dream Death (Cover)

For just SIX of your Great British Pounds (other currencies are available), you can download all six tracks of the EP release Slowed Down Love Song on Bandcamp.You can also go to the same page and listen to it for free.

Here’s some words swiped from Rafferty’s Instagram:

Originally composed as a soundtrack to our imagined film adaptation of John Darnielle’s (Mountain Goats) novel Wolf In White Van, Slowed Down Love Song is a tender investigation into the landscapes that exist somewhere between dreams and reality.

Paul Rafferty

Both Slow Club and Hot Club have brought so much joy to my ears over the years that any new projects and ventures they embark on will immediately peak my interest.


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