“You can’t add privacy”

Long-time readers of my blog might remember that I’ve posted before about cryptocurrency and, more specifically, the privacy-focused coin Zcash.

Zooko, one of the founding members of Zcash, gave an interview recently at Orchard VPN’s Priv8 – a virtual conference on digital privacy. The complete 20 min talk titled ‘Is financial privacy possible on the blockchain‘ is available to watch on Vimeo. If you are curious about cryptocurrency and privacy within that space, it’s worth checking out.


I thought it was really interesting that he notes to think of privacy in terms of “leaking information” because sometimes, it’s okay that you leak information – if you’ve given consent to. But there’s also many times when your information can leak when you haven’t intended it to.

It’s simple twist on how to look at the topic of privacy, but a way of talking about it that is maybe a bit more relatable for most people. And, that’s just one of a few interesting points made throughout the video.

On a related topic; if you are navigating the world of cryptocurrency and a little confused about how to store your digital cash, security researcher and Monero contributor SerHack wrote a blog titled ‘An Introduction to Cryptocurrency Wallets: Which Wallet Type Suits You Best?‘ which might be useful.


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