Spring has sprung and the coldest days are behind us. At least, I hope so. It was chilly but sunny over the weekend and I relished the chance to get out the house after spending way too much time indoors, due to the combination of being in the middle of a pandemic and having a newborn.

The wife and I stopped by the local hot dog stand and had a walk along the river. It was a nice Saturday stroll. One of the other sausage-customers informed us that it was a national hot dog day in Sweden. Whether there’s any truth in that statement or not remains to be discovered.

The following day, I met up with a friend and colleague and we took a walk around his neighbourhood and the west-side of town. It was a really nice day weather-wise and the first day of the year I used my bike! I don’t have winter tyres, so it spent all winter in the basement and had to wait until all the snow and ice had cleared before seeing the streets again.

We headed down to the waterside, passing by the marina and on towards the peninsula of Bygdøy. It looked a lot like this:

A photo of a marina. Blue skies and blue water.

As an aside; I found some photos on my camera from last week… or the week before… where I wore this outfit. Those shorts from Zara are perfect. I love them.



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