Forget GoodReads, what are you readng?

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Before you comment telling me I fucked up in the title of this post; I didn’t. That’s because this post is about the website readng. It’s an alternative to Amazon-owned GoodReads for those that aren’t good at spellng.

Aziz Firat, an ex-colleague of mine from my days at Opera Software and current Lead Designer at music streaming service Tidal, is one of the people behind the site – which is a very elegant way of sharing what you are reading (or readng) with friends and family.

A mini-social network for book lovers.

At the time of writing, the site is currently in beta – meaning it’s not as feature rich as the people making it would like it to be. But, you can still build out a collection, discover new and rate read books. In future you’ll be able to write reviews, see more statistics, and create reading goals.

If you are looking for a way to share your book collection and recent reads, check out

More from Aziz.

I really don’t know how Aziz has time for so many side projects, but he also makes or is involved in,, and – all of which are slick looking projects.

I’m happy for you, Aziz. But please stop making the rest of us look bad. 😉

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  2. Margrete avatar

    I just signed up for goodread 😁 but readng looks interesting. Thanks for the tip.

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