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How to find and join new Matrix chat rooms

Update: As of August 2023, the server Gossip Land has been deleted. This means any links to referenced below will no longer work.

Check out this new and more up-to-date list of servers:

I run a Matrix chat server for my friends, family, and friends-of-friends. I called it Gossip Land and whilst there are a few different apps you can use to join a Matrix server, Element is a good starting point.

You can grab an account on the main Matrix server, meaning your username will be or, if you are a friend of mine, drop me a message and I’ll tell you how to get

There are many servers out there and you can talk to people on nearly all of them! Only, it can be quite hard to find new servers and chat rooms. So, this post will be a quick guide on how to do that.

A logo for Gossip Land

Join rooms on

Whether you are signed up to or not, there are a few public chat rooms you can join.

Members of can open the Element app and use the “Explore rooms” button which will list all the local rooms.

Or, for convenience, anyone on any server can use these links:

🎨 Art & Design ·
🏀 Basketball ·
📚 Books ·
🐱 Cats ·
🐶 Dogs ·
📺 Film & TV ·
⚽️ Football ·
🇳🇴 Oslo ·
🎶 Music ·
📰 News ·
🧬 Science ·
🏑 Sports ·
🧑‍💻 Technology ·

Joining chat rooms on other servers

Maybe you want something a little more niche? Well, there is probably a chat room for that somewhere online. As a user of, the Element app will probably show you all the available rooms from and

In this video below, we’re going to do two things;

  1. Search for a ‘pokemon’ room on
  2. Join a Firefox browser room on

So, as you can see – to join a room you don’t need to know the actual room address if you know the server. You can just add the server and then search, browse, and join all the available rooms.

Or, to quickly join a room, just type /join [room address] in any chat. You can run this command from any server, not just!

A list of servers and rooms

So, as we have explained, there is and We have also discovered Now I’m going to do my best to maintain a list below of servers and some example rooms on those servers.

If you know of anything I should add, please get in touch. And because I haven’t manually been to each and all the rooms below, if you see anything that’s bad or offensive, then let me know. Otherwise, happy chatting!

Art &
Cryptocurrency#bitcoin:matrix.orgBitcoin (BTC)
#btc:matrix.orgBitcoin (BTC)
#bitcoinsv:matrix.orgBitcoin SV (BSV)
#monero:matrix.orgMonero (XMR)
#zcash:gossip.landZcash (ZEC)
Film &
#gamedev:matrix.orgGame development
#nintendoswitch:matrix.orgNintendo Switch
#animalcrossingnewhorizon:halogen.cityAnimal Crossing
Health & fitness#mental-health:the-apothecary.clubMental health
News &
#politics:the-apothecary.clubUS Politics
#politics:glasgow.socialUK Politics
#politics:perthchat.orgAus Politics
Places#oslo:gossip.landOslo, Norway
#glasgow:glasgow.socialGlasgow, Scotland
#london:mozilla.orgLondon, UK
#berlin:mozilla.orgBerlin, Germany
#miami:matrix.orgMiami, USA
#general:perthchat.orgPerth, Australia
#formula1:mstdn.socialF1 Racing
#matrix:matrix.orgMatrix protocol
#fluffychat:matrix.orgFluffychat app
#grapheneos:grapheneos.orgGraphene OS
#fx-desktop-community:mozilla.orgFirefox Desktop
#firefox-ux:mozilla.orgFirefox UX
#fediverse:matrix.orgFediverse software
#accessibility:mozilla.orgAccessibility (A11y)

There are so many rooms on, here is a full list of rooms maintained by someone else.

Other servers

There’s more. Here are a list of servers you can add and see what rooms are there. I will expand these server lists to include room links when I have time. 😥

  • 🇦🇺
  • 🇨🇦
  • 🇳🇱


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