A screenshot from the video game Ooblets showing the main character stood outside her house/farm.


Really enjoying playing through Ooblets right now. Everything about the game is so cute and it’s fun to wander around the in-game land.

Ooblets is sort of a mash-up between Animal Crossing and Pokémon in the sense of it happening in a little town, where you own and maintain a house and farmland, but also encounter little creatures you need to collect.

But unlike Pokémon, instead of fighting the creature and catching it, you need to beat it in a playing-card turn-based dance-off to some funky music. Winning the dance-off sees the little critter drop a seed which you can plant in your farm and grow into a creature of your own.

The game is available as an early access title on Xbox Live and Epic Games Store (PC). The soundtrack is also available on Bandcamp.


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