Oh, baby.

A photo of Ine holding the first 3D scan of our baby.

In what is going to be quite a random update where I share some random thoughts, I will also share some news; my wife is pregnant with our first child. It’s so exciting. I am so happy!

My head is busy with so many thoughts of parenthood and how old I am becoming, but this is great news for us. I feel ready and confident we’ll make good parents.

So, from January 2021, we’ll be a little family of five (including the two cats) living in our cosy apartment in Oslo. What a dream.

A photo of Matt posing with a statue in a graveyard of a sad lady holding a sad child.

Meanwhile, today is the first day official of my summer vacation. Now I won’t work for three whole weeks and it’s really nice to have a break.

There are a few things I want to try and get done in the time; including paint a little, create a one-page website, make the apartment a little tidier and nicer, play some video games, and go to the family cabin.

But, having said that, I want this time to be relaxing – so won’t be rushing or stressing to get these things done.

A photo of Matt's two cats sitting on the window ledge, looking out of the window which is slightly open.

Over the cabin break, I’ll attempt to be a bit more “offline” than usual. More time away from screens will be good.

But, otherwise, I’ll be tooting from @matt at oslo.town, posting to my private Instagram, occasionally sharing to @coxy.design on Instagram, and streaming video games as @BlackHoodedCrow on Twitch.

What are your plans for a summer vacation? 🏖

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