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A photo of Oslo, taken from the Opera House roof. The image is covered with decorative patterns overlayed on top of the photo.

by coxy
December 6, 2019
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Previously, on this blog, I have mentioned Mastodon – the free and open source social network that is akin to Twitter. The more keen-eyed reader might have also noticed that my username on Mastodon was

If you have never heard of Mastodon before and wonder how it’s different from Twitter or Facebook, then you can watch this short video:

Well, after spending some time playing around with what the social network has to offer, I decided to create my own community at

My new username on Mastodon is and whilst the website domain is clearly targeted to residents of Norway’s capital city of Oslo – anyone is welcome to join. Sign up to Mastodon today!

If you don’t want to sign up to, maybe one of these other communities tickles your fancy:

And remember: you can sign up to any local community and still connect with the wider world. So, regardless of your Mastodon username, follow me:


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