A photo of a postal vote ballot paper for the UK parliamentary elections in 2019. The box next to the Labour candidate has been marked with an 'X'.

Fuck the Tories.



This year is the first time in an election that I haven’t voted The Green Party of England & Wales.

In a way, I feel sad about this. My vote is counted in a part of the country where there is traditionally a Labour Party stronghold and the next contender would be The Conservatives, who I definitely don’t want to see win.

So, with that, my vote went towards helping secure the Labour seat in my area.

A portrait of Matt and Ine. Matt wears a Labour-party themed t-shirt from the band Los Campesinos!

If you are unsure of who you should be voting for in this upcoming election, check out the Vote for Policies website to help guide you in the right direction. And, if you want to Stop the Tories, then check out the website tactial.vote for voting advice.


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