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A list of recommended apps

If you ever wanted a tech geek to give you a recommendation of what apps to use, look no further. Here's a simple guide to what to use and what to not... use.

Last updated: August 2017

Wire Messaging App Logo (2017)


A good alternative to Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or anything else that professes to be the best at messaging and video calling. Ditch them all.

Wire works well and has security as a number one priority - keeping everything you do encrypted (meaning it's hidden from prying eyes).

If you want to keep conversations between your friends and family private, then Wire is for you.

Find out more at wire.com
Firefox Focus App Logo (2017)

Firefox Focus

It's a web browser to replace Google Chrome or Safari that blocks advertising and destroys everything you've done recently - which can be a good thing.

Maybe you don't want your phone to remember that you searched for "herpes" two weeks ago?

Firefox Focus logs you out of everything and deletes the history every time you're finished browsing the web.

Find out more at mozilla.org
Pocket Casts App Logo (2017)

Pocket Casts

With Pocket Casts, you can find new podcasts to subscribe to, play them in the app, download them for when you don't have the internet - and it syncs with their website so you can continue listening online when you're at a computer.

Last time I checked, the app is paid, but the price is small for such a good app.

Find out more at shiftyjelly.com
Swarm Foursquare App Logo (2017)


If you don't mind sharing where you are in the world, this can be a really nice app combination. Swarm tells you where your friends are, and Foursquare recommends you beautiful places to eat, drink, and have fun.

The more you use Swarm, the better Foursquare becomes - especially when travelling abroad and you need to find the best places to go and things to do.

Find out more at swarmapp.com
Duolingo App Logo (2017)


I am terrible at learning new languages, which is why I need Duolingo. It's completely free and superb for learning the basics of a new language. Get it, stick with it, and you won't regret it.

Find out more at duolingo.com