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002 - Your privacy email digest.

First published: 6th February 2018 as part of the Privacy 101 series.

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The organised amongst us would have sent out an email on 28th January. I am not organised, so I missed that day. But why is that a particularly important day?

28th January 1981 marks the signing of the first international treaty on data protection. That date also marks Data Privacy Day, or #dataprivacyday as the social media savvy would name it.


Since the day has it's own hashtag, companies and individuals alike will use the opportunity to write some articles on the subject. I've sifted through a few of them and delivered them straight to your inbox for some light reading. Suitable for your commute to work or for a toilet break.


For Data Privacy Day, Play Privacy As A Team Sport

A guide that recommends things to do, but also to tell your friends / family / loved ones about too. It's surprising that they recommend WhatsApp because I would not. But everything else is ok.



Mike Finch is a designer at DuckDuckGo. He launched a website listing more secure messaging, web browsers, and email apps.


World's biggest data breaches & hacks

Information is Beautiful deliver an ugly but informative visualisation of data leaks. Each bubble gives you a link to read about each one. You can filter between whether the company that leaked the data got hacked, or it was an inside job, etc.

The interesting thing to note here is about how bad companies are at securing your information.


How to Make Your Social Media Accounts as Private as Possible

A quick guide on how to make your social media account that bit more private. But also, the top commenter has a point: "Alternatively, stop posting personal shit to gigantic social media sites. If you have something to share with a select group of people, message it to them."


5 Ways to Lock Down Your Privacy

Vivaldi is a web browser. They teamed up with DuckDuckGo to write this summary of privacy tips. Includes picking secure passwords, not using Google, getting a VPN.


Private Internet Access Celebrates Data Privacy Day 2018

Check out the "A Brief Primer on Privacy" and "Layers on which your data can be compromised" sections. It might get a little technical, but it's a useful overview of where you can improve your privacy.


TED Talk: Why privacy matters

Greenwald makes the case for why you need to care about privacy, even if you're "not doing anything you need to hide."


And, finally, here's some Twitter accounts that you should consider following:



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