Back in the day, I used to spend so much time just ‘messing’ with design in the evenings, outside of official working hours, doing various logos, posters, illustrations — anything really — all for fun.

Nowadays I don’t do so much of that and, having worked in-house at Opera for the past three years as opposed to working in an agency, where you’d get to work with different styles and brands, I don’t feel that I get much practice outside of working with red, white, black and Helvetica.

So, in an attempt to keep things fresh, I’m going to be doing more little ‘bits’ and posting them on my blog if they’re any good. Or even if they’re not. As a general rule; I’ll think of a topic to focus on and then spend around half an hour artworking concepts and have ‘something’ to show at the end of it.

The UK County Council Elections are coming up in the next few days, so I figured I’d create a simple poster reminding people to vote. Kept it simple and direct.

Feel free to print it out and stick it in the window of your house (if people still do that sort of thing).