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Here's everything

There's going to be lots of random pages on this website and not all of them are worth highlighting, but this page should list everything that someone somewhere in the world might want to access. Hopefully our Google overlords will index everything and then you'll be able to find it one way or another.


A guide to torrents - helping you be a pirate without setting foot aboard a ship. Also known as "downloading on the internet".

Come Dine With Me - my mate Jhon was on the telly. He's a vegan and got naked at dinner. I've uploaded it for everyone to see.

coxy.co - the home page, the top dog, the hottest place on the web. Maybe.

Magnet links - a range of magnet links for torrents that might be of interest.

Privacy 101 - your privacy email digest. - an online archive of emails sent to interested parties about online privacy.

Recommended apps - sometimes I get asked to recommend apps to people because I'm a tech geek who makes apps. This is a list of some suggestions.

Send bitcoin / ethereum / zcash - if you owe me money or want to send me digital currency, here's the wallets to send to.